Beauty goes Green: in-cosmetics report lifts the lid on sustainability in Asia Pacific

in-cosmetics Asia, the Asia Pacific event for personal care ingredients, has launched a new report, assessing the state of sustainability in the cosmetics and personal care industry. The report focuses on four key themes: Consciousness, Protection, Biotechnology and Inclusivity, and analyses the biggest factors driving change, and the actions brands and suppliers are taking in response to a new generation of consumers who are both ethically and environmentally aware.

The full report is available to download on the in-cosmetics Asia website and explores how suppliers, manufacturers and brands across the APAC region are embracing circular principles, with insights from the likes of Hallstar Beauty, Vytrus Biotech, Hermosa Naturals and Manuka Bioscience.

Speaking about the changing attitudes in the APAC region, Eileen Zhang, general manager, Asia-Pacific, Hallstar Beauty said: “We are indeed seeing an increase in customer preference for ingredients, formulations and production practices to be environmentally friendly in Asia-Pacific countries, although it is not yet the consumer mandate and regulatory imperative that already exists in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and North American (NA) regions.”

Adopting eco-friendly measures in their production processes, reducing waste, and choosing renewable energy sources are just a few of the actions the report explores, along with the role of biotechnology in quality control, greater transparency, and ethical sourcing of high-demand ingredients.

Taking the discussion to Bangkok this November, in-cosmetics Asia will return to shine a light on sustainability and the efforts being made by suppliers.

As one of two ‘Spotlight On’ features at this year’s event, there will be a dedicated product showcase enabling attendees to find out more about how they can minimise their environmental impact, embrace the circular economy, and invest in new technologies.  

Sarah Gibson, exhibition director, in-cosmetics Asia, said: “The launch of the in-cosmetics Asia sustainability report highlights the industry’s progress towards a more sustainable business model – but also the steps that still need to be taken to reduce the industry’s impact on our planet. While progress has been made, the cosmetics and personal care industry needs to do more to reduce its impact on the environment, and by measuring and highlighting the opportunities through this report, we hope to inspire brands and suppliers to prioritise sustainability and join us in creating a greener future for our planet.”


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