Cycle ride invitation for Hoover Dam loop ride on eve of IMEX America

RAI Amsterdam business development manager Mathys Taekema is planning a 70km loop cycle ride from Las Vegas on the Monday before IMEX America kicks off and he is extending an invitation to other show delegates to join him.

Mathys has been into cycling for more than 13 years and commutes to work at the Amsterdam venue by bike (66km a day).

“In the past years I’ve been combining my work trips and cycling more and more and so I always take the opportunity to cycle on a destination where I am for work,” he tells EW.

“During the UFI Global Congress in Oman last year I did a 85km loop through the desert of Oman together with Matt Pearce, Chris Skeith and Trevor Foley.

“And last year before IMEX US I did a 50km loop through the Red Rock Canyon which was an unforgettable cycling experience.

“This year I’m planning a 70km loop (1.160m climbing) and the route will follow the River Mountain loop trail (no cars, dedicated for cyclists) and take us across the Hoover Dam.

“Anyone who is into road cycling and can remain a steady pace with a minimum of 26-27km/h is welcome to join me for another unforgettable cycling experience. Road bikes will be rented locally, and the rental company will provide a drop off and pick-up close to the route.

“There is no charity initiative involved. It really is about having fun and making new connections while cycling. I realise Monday the 16th is Smart Monday, but I anticipate being back from the ride by 1pm.”


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