NürnbergMesse appoints new representation for Denmark, Norway and Iceland

NürnbergMesse has proved an important destination for Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic companies wanting to present their quality products. Exhibitors from the three destinations tend to focus on five trade fairs: BIOFACH (organic food), IWA OutdoorClassics (hunting and sporting weapons, knives and outdoor equipment), Chillventa (refrigeration), GaLaBau (gardening, landscaping and playing field design), and Enforce Tac (government security agencies and armed forces). Now companies in these countries in the north will have a new international representative of NürnbergMesse to assist them, Intermess ApS.

“We’re delighted that Intermess ApS, a specialist with more than 50 years of experience in trade fairs, has agreed to represent NürnbergMesse in Denmark, Norway and Iceland,” said Dr Thomas Koch, senior vice-president group development.

The new international agency will serve as a kind of door-opener for companies from Denmark, Norway, and Iceland who want to plan an appearance at a trade fair in Nuremberg. “We have over 50 years of experience and skill in supporting our exhibitors – whether they’re attending for the first time or have been participating for years – as well as visitors. And the focus is always on what the client wants,” says Intermess ApS managing director Jesper Uldall. also assists industry associations and their members in seeking expert markets throughout the NürnbergMesse portfolio.


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