“SusHi Tech Tokyo” event to demonstrate how cities can build sustainable societies

With the goal of creating a ‘new value system to build a sustainable society’, the Japanese city of Tokyo has launched a new PR concept – and two events along with it.

The concept, ‘Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo’ (SusHi Tech Tokyo), plans to tackle common global urban challenges through technology, diverse ideas and digital know-how.

Regarding specific initiatives, the city has announced both the City-Tech. Tokyo and the Global City Network for Sustainability (G-NETS) Leaders’ Summit at the end of February.

City-Tech.Tokyo will be hosted by the Global Event 2023 Executive Committee, aiming to host 300 startups exhibiting booths and 10,000 participants from 100 cities in 30 countries.

The event’s goal will be to improve collaborations and increase investment in the infrastructure; the environment; and generate new urban visions based on diverse ideas and technologies.

Additionally, the city plans to host a ‘pitch contest’ offering a prize of JPY ¥10m (USD $77k) and sustainability-focused business meetings for high-level start-ups to meet with the leaders of Japanese companies.

City-Tech Tokyo forms part of ‘Global Innovation with Startups,’ TMG’s strategy to build an ecosystem for global innovators in Tokyo.

G-NETS Leaders’ Summit is an event for leaders from cities around the world to discuss initiatives to solve urban issues and prospects. Held between 1 Feb – 1 March, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1 will be illuminated in red and white to symbolize the “SusHi Tech Tokyo” logo.

According to the event organisers, through these two events, Tokyo will present a vision of how cities can create “a new value system to build sustainable societies” so that the next generation can “overcome the common urban challenges of the world”.


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