The Battery Show India and Renewable Energy India Expo 2023 power up together in Noida

The inaugural edition of The Battery Show India, organised by Informa Markets, made its debut alongside the 16th edition of Renewable Energy India 2023, the most extensive renewable energy expo in Asia. The shows were co-located at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, 4-6 October.

Alex Whitworth, vice-president and head of Asia Pacific Power and Renewables Research, Wood Mackenzie said: “In the power and renewables sector, two significant trends stand out: global market doubling over the last two decades, with a projected double increase in the next two, marking a stark contrast to fossil fuels, and wind and solar energy growing to potentially represent half of the global power supply by 2050. Asia, led by China and India, now commands over 60% of future global power demand, while India grapples with 75% of fossil fuel-based power. However, technological advancements are poised to quadruple wind and solar capacity in the coming two decades. Challenges include accommodating variable renewables, with expectations of reaching 87% of peak load, and increasing costs. The sector requires over $3 trillion of investment in the next decade, with wind and solar at the forefront, offering vast opportunities for industry stakeholders.”

Investments in green energy are rapidly increasing, and the adoption of electric vehicles, particularly in India, will be crucial for reducing transport sector emissions.

The Battery Show India showcased over 900 brands and attracted 40,000 visitors.

Yogesh Mudras, managing director, Informa Markets India, said: “The Battery Show India alongside Renewable Energy India 2023 Expo are comprehensive catalysts for innovation and collaboration in the renewable energy, energy storage, and EV sectors. India’s leadership in renewables and EVs, driven by ambitious targets and government support, has surged battery demand. The events’ role in convening stakeholders, discussing trends, and forging partnerships is instrumental in advancing these sectors and supporting India’s shift towards a clean energy future. India, the world’s fourth-largest renewable energy producer, aims to achieve 500 GW of renewable capacity by 2030, with battery demand projected to grow at a remarkable CAGR of over 25%.” 


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