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UK event tech company JET has lift-off in Houston with new US office

UK-based Jonas Event Technology (JET) has unveiled its new US office, based in Houston, Texas.

While JET increased its business dealings with US-based events in 2021, subsequent success has led to the official inauguration of USA operations and an office in 2022.

The new office, the company says, will help overcome challenges encountered by JET serving as an onsite technology provider, while working on events across the Atlantic, have included navigating visas, complying with Covid testing, insurance, and vaccination regulations, and meeting the toughened freight demands for events during the pandemic.

JET’s expansion into the United States has yielded other benefits, including the reduced carbon footprint achieved by locally storing registration kits instead of shipping them from the UK.

For European organisers managing events in North, South and Central America, pre-event project management is handled by JET’s UK team, followed by the expert support of its US-based team during the event days. The same happens in reverse for American based organisers working overseas in Europe.

Currently, JET supports five leading European based organisers, including brands such as Natural Disasters Expo Miami, The Business Show Las Vegas, PCB Houston, The Advanced Materials Show New Jersey and Glassman Latin America.

Oliver, Smart, JET’s managing director, says “This is a proud moment for TeamJET, as it signifies our successful journey in America, driven by our exceptional customer service and dedication. Our expanded global reach and diverse market presence will expedite product development and boost revenues which will be re-invested into our offering.”


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